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ghettoManga! ghostwerks
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After a long hiatus, ghostWerks presents the new Annual series Spontaneous, featuring Samax's freestyle title comic, plus tons of extra material including full-color sketches and illustrations, letting you inside the mind and life of ghostWerks and ghettoManga mainstay, samax Amen.
magazine size, full color
62 pages. perfect bound.
Twenty bucks
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CHAMPION of CHILDREN: "the Legend of Challenge"
This 40 page smash features all your favorites (Little Madd Skillz, Junior Raw, Crybaby, Burner and more... ) PLUS new characters and the first appearance of fan-fave ROWDY! fun for All-ages!
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GhostWerksComics #1 (2.95)- this is it! this whoppin' 48 page joint has it all!  crime-fightin'-families, animal-rights activism, pacifist polar bears, and much,much, MORE! the PERFECT way to get aquainted with the originators of "ghetto manga!"
c.2009 samaxAmen